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Pure Cinematic Symphonic Metal

New Album: Vertigo (2016)
Origin: Italy | Europe
Live-History: Hundreds of shows in over 20 countries


Press Text

…Enter the gates of Vertigo to discover a new World…

„Inferno (Hell) is the alienating nature of art and technology, which creates in man an incurable dissociation between reality (often illogical and uncontrollable) and the desire for perfection and efficiency. More the idea moves away from human limitations, more the man himself has to give up on life and see its fulfillment. If man cannot face the death, only life escapes from human control: both those are complementary. Nothing is impossible in the Netherworld.“

The whole story is set in the island of Vertigo, in the late XIX century: the Victorian age of industrial revolution, in a steampunk and fantasy background. Vertigo is a city-state, whose boundaries fall sheer to the sea (a sort of Atlantis emerged from the Ocean): hence the origin of the name. Gabriel and his family are living in Vertigo: Mariel, his wife, and Alice, their beloved daughter. He’s the one who’s going to have a trip to his personal hell, travelling among the steps of a huge staircase and lead by a mystic Dragonfly,looking for his lost love and progeny. Vertigo is a 10 – episodes TV series, created by Sound Storm and realized by Grey Ladder productions, directed by Taiyo Yamanouchi (his father Hal was Wolverine’s enemy in the last hollywood movie, besides the several cinema and TV appearances). The pilot – episode is scheduled to be released as a single of the song „Vertigo/The Dragonfly“. More episodes are going to be realized soon, one for each song of the album.


Sound Storm was founded in 2002 in Turin, a city in the north west of Italy.The band started composing their own material, with the first three or four tracks finished by the end of 2003. After two self-released titles („The Storm is coming…“ – Demo, 2005 – and „Northern Wilderness“ – EP, 2007 -), in 2008 the band releases the debut album “Twilight Opera” which has got an incredible high quality production, strings section, a 9-pieces choir. The album has been mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila and released worldwide by Rising Records (UK).
In summer 2010 Sound Storm toured Mexico for the first time: the band played 11 gigs across the country getting and incredible success and many hundreds people were attending each show. In 2012 Sound Storm have signed a worldwide deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their new album ‚Immortalia‘.

This new chapter marks another important milestone for the band, mixing their wide range of influences in a piece of work perfectly balanced between powerful guitars, magnificent symphonic choirs, gothic atmospheres and baroque melodies, which is definitely worth listening to. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Metal House Studio by Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi), ‚Immortalia‘ is a stunning concept album on the quest for eternal life, an amazing journey through literature, poetry and history, a collection of songs linked together by the common theme of the immortality of the soul. The evocative artwork was handled by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody Of Fire). ‚Immortalia‘ has been released August 28th, 2012.

Shortly after the band supported Norwegian Gothic Metal veterans Tristania on their European tour. At the end of 2012 Sound Storm also toured Italy with Epica and Haggard. The „Immortalia tour“ goes on also in 2013, first with some headlining shows across Italy, then with some international festivals and at the end of the year on tour over Europe again. The „Rock Opera Unveiled“ tour took place in December of 2013 featuring Therion, Arkona, Sound Storm and The Devil and hit the best stages all over Europe, including the „Eindhoven Metal Meeting“ festival. Between 2014 and 2015 Sound Storm got on another European tour with the German Metal Orchestra Haggard: The “Symphonic Autumn/Winter Blast” tour and the “Dragonfest” tour, kicking off in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia for a total of 15 shows across the best european clubs. After several line-up changes between 2014 and 2015, the band eventually found a top-quality team by recruiting Elena Crolle on keyboards, Alessandro Bissa (Vision Divine, Labyrinth) on drums, Sascha Blackice on the rhythm guitar (new addition!) and Fabio Privitera (actor) as lead singer. “Vertigo” is the new project of the band, created by an extra purpose than the “simple” music.



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